Dedicated to capturing beautiful images and memories

4291 Photography is a small photographic company run by me, Alan Booth. I am passionate about photography and nothing excites me more than the beauty that can be found in the everyday world that surrounds us, whether that's in the glow of a sunset or the twinkle of an eye.

This is beauty that's there for all to see, but sometimes we just don't take the time to see it. I want to give you the opportunity to take that time by producing beautiful images that you can enjoy at your leisure and savour for a lifetime.

I especially love capturing the natural beauty, charm and charisma of people, whether it be through an intimate personal portrait, a fun group shot, a momentus family gathering or some kind of special event.

Then there is the ultimate spectacle and beauty of a wedding, where I will produce stunning images that capture the very essence of what makes a wedding day so special.

Go to the Gallery page and take a look through the galleries for examples of my work. As well as portraits and weddings you will see natural beauty in landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, trees, flowers, animals and birds. Then there is man made beauty in the form of cars, motorcycles, aircraft, buildings, structures and architecture.

Once you've had a look around you will see how I can help to open your eyes to a world of stunning beauty that was always there just waiting to be captured.

(Please note, this website is relatively new and still under construction. There will always be a lot of updates, with new pictures added frequently, so please come back often.)